Friday, 21 February 2014

Review | Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

Oh hi readers!
I am dropping in with another review, unfortunately life currently has me in overdrive, working a part time job as well as completing my last university year is proving a little more full on than I first thought...
However, I thought something is better than nothing, so I thought I would review a product that I bought a few weeks ago and have used a handful of times.
I am a self confessed face mask obsessive and so, unsurprisingly, Superdrug's revamped masks drew me in. Hook, line and sinker. Superdrug released three different varieties, in different colours to identify each one individually, and each boasts individual qualities. The one I opted for was the purple tube - Detoxifying.
Mostly, I decided on this one because of the mention of mud, I know the effects that clay have on drawing out oil and impurities, so I was intrigued by the mention of 'Dead Sea Mud'.
Firstly, the texture is much like many other mud masks, though slightly runnier, it still applies easily and thickly. It's smooth in consistency, which I personally like.
The smell is also very pleasant, with subtle hints of lavender is smells fresh without being overpowering. Once on, it dries fairly quickly, which I like because I enjoy feeling the mask tighten, to me that feels as though it's working!

However, this mask did sting ever so slightly for the first minute or so, and whilst the discomfort does fade after a few minutes, it suggests that there's probably some harsher chemicals hidden in the formula somewhere and for those with really sensitive skin I may avoid this one.
As well as that, the after effects from using this mask were almost unnoticeable, once off my skin looked pretty much the same as before. Again, meaning the ingredients offered more of a quick fix rather than an actual full on skin detox.
It has all the trappings of a 'go-to' mask. It's very inexpensive, smells pleasant, is paraben free and offers an intriguing ingredient. However, I would say that the 'Dead Sea Mud' is probably just a marketing ploy to lure us in (the ingredients simply state China Clay), and the lack of effect seem to prove this to me.

After having such great experiences with other masks containing clay ingredients, I felt this was a let down. And whilst I wouldn't expect a miracle from something so inexpensive, I feel it promises a lot more than it actually delivers.

I will continue using this until it's empty, but I don't think I'll be in a hurry to repurchase.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

October Empties | 2013

Having been a truly poor example of a blogger recently and posting rather sporadically over the entire summer, I am going to attempt to try and salvage my scarce looking corner of the internet and push on into Autumn with a flurry of fresh and up-to-date posts. So in that same spirit, I have chosen to do my first ever empties post!
I see/ watch a lot of these types of reviews and I think it's a really great idea as it gives you the opportunity to see what someone really thinks of a product, having used it in it's entirety.
So, I have been dutifully saving the best bits of my trash to show of to all you lovely blog followers and readers; here's what I've been getting through over the past month or two.1. This One Volumising Dry Shampoo
I have already included a full review of this product in my post about the whole brand, This One, so I will keep it brief on here. This is another product that I have been loving throughout the summer and was an essential item in my festival kit. It does everything a dry shampoo should do, will a little more oomph. Loving this product. I will certainly repurchase.
2. Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray
I think this product probably started getting a lot of attention after  Zoe on her YouTube channel; Zoella featured it in one of her videos, however I only got around to trying it a couple of months ago, after spotting the brand on Superdrug shelves and being intrigued. The packaging is refreshingly vibrant, which I love, and it's also a huge bottle.
The thing which actually persuaded me to buy this is the smell. True to it's name, its smells fruity and sweet. I absolutely detest the chemically smell of generic hairspray, that clings to your throat and tastes horrid, so finishing off a hairstyle with this is blissful. It also does a fairly good job of holding a hairstyle too. I won't deny that it does get quite crunchy, more so than my trustee Superdrug own hairspray, but the trick is to not go overboard with it and use small amounts.
I will probably repurchase this again and admittedly, I was sad to hear that last tiny hiss come from the can when I tried to spray it. However I am still on the fence about whether £5 for a 'just alright' hairspray would be justifiable, as it's only really the smell (and it is delicious) that makes this product what it is.3. Dr Organics Rose Otto Face Cleanser
This has got to be my 5/6th bottle of this over the past 6 months or so. Again, this is another holy grail product for me. It is the only cleanser I have ever tried that is actually gentle on the skin yet also effectively breaks down stubborn eye make-up. The formula is creamy and smells very delicately of rose, a scent I know not everyone loves. To be quite honest, I wouldn't care about the scent either way because this product does pretty much everything I ever want a cleanser to do. It is moisturising soothing, and achieves a really deep effective clean whenever I use it. I would recommend this for people with sensitive skin as I have never had issues with this (it doesn't even sting my eyes).
So, would I repurchase? Already done so!
4. Dr Organics Rose Otto Lip Serum
Because I clearly cannot get enough of this Dr Organics Rose Serum, I have also been getting through yet another of the lip serums from the range.
This is one of the first ever products I reviewed; I loved it then and I love it now. It is incredibly nourishing, smells delicious and keeps my lips gorgeously supple throughout the harshest of months. If you are having trouble finding a lip balm that actually moisturises rather that smothers and suffocates, give this ago.

5. Kiko Make-up Setting Spray
I have too much love for this brand. Having had a little spending spree back in July, I indulged in some essential items from Kiko, a make-up setting spray being one of them. It was the first product from my haul to go, and that indeed was a sad day, when I misted the last few drops of this over my face.
This is a product I will definitely repurchase. It cost just shy of £8, which is a little pricey for a 75ml bottle, however that is a fraction of the cost for slightly more high end brands and I would argue that this does just a good a job, if not better.
The product comes in an aerosol can, which sprays a delightfully fine mist over you face and actually feels soft and silky once it settles on the skin. Having been guilty of using the ol' hairspray trick I can't tell you how luxurious this felt in contrast. It isn't wet like other fixers I have tried so you instantly feel 'fixed' the minute you spray the product. But, above all, this really makes your make up stay and for that reason, this always makes an appearance on nights out, when I need my makeup to stay most.
I feel this has been an unusually positive post, though that is most likely because if I get through a product it usually means I like it! I hope it was helpful nonetheless and if so, let me know and I will continue doing similar style blog posts. :) 

Friday, 30 August 2013

August Favourites

I've named this August favourites, although really these are some of the makeup items that I've been reaching for throughout the summer months. There's also only a small selection as I'm blogging on the go at the minute, so there's a little shout out at the end for those that I've missed out.
Ecotools Face Brush
I'll start with my Ecotools face brush. This is one that I've actually owned for quite a while now, but just come back to. It's super soft and bouncy bristles are perfect for pretty much everything which involves large areas of the face. Ive currently been using this to powder, set and bronze my face. It feels lovely to use, like a real quality face brush.
Bdellium Tools Eye Brushes 
The other two brushes pictured are actually fairly new to my collection. I puchased them online at, one of my favourite sites for vegan beauty bits. I loved the look of these and so decided to go with the tapered crease brush and fluffy blending brush from the pink range. These are also amazing brushes. I've been able to create a huge range of looks using both of these. The crease brush is the perfect size to apply shadow exactly where you want it, meaning you can create really neatly graduated smokey eyes and achieve the depth needed for a really dramatic eye. Then over the top of that, the blending brush is perfect for going over all that work, to soften things out and make it all blend beautifully. Both brushes are soft and haven't shed whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned these were a quality buy.
B. Groomed Eyebrow Pencil
Also pictured is yet another product from a brand I have been regularly raving abut, B. Cosmetics. After having been using powder to define my brows I wanted to give a pencil a try to see how that made a difference to the look I wanted to achieve. B. has once again provided the perfect tool. This pencil is double ended, one of which is a setting wax. It also includes a small brow brush, which I never bother using as it seems a little spindly if I'm honest. The product itself however is fantastic. Its a perfect colour match, is soft enough to blend out into a smooth shape and also stays put until the time comes to wash it off. This pencil has really helped my perfect my brow routine.
B. Long Lasting Nail Polish
Staying true to my word and singing the praises of B. Cosmetics a little more, I have also been enjoying their polishes. I've already briefly mentioned these in a previous post but I have been meaning to give them and entire post of their own because they're just that good! If I have been wearing nail polish at all this summer, it was no doubt one of the two above. Both gorgeous summery colours which add a lively pop of colour to any outfit.
Concrete Minerals Sexy Lips Lip Tint
Whilst road testing a number of vegan products, I bought a few bits from concrete minerals, including this lip tint. If I'm honest I wasn't expecting much but this has become a permanent resident in my handbag this summer. It smells like peppermint and leaves the lips feeling lovely and tingly whilst also brighting the lips with a pretty pink colour. The pink itself is slightly to dark to come off natural, but I like that as a 'wash' of colour is usually never noticeable or dissapears within minutes. It is also extremely wearable and compliments a subtle pink blush perfectly, I will after pop a bit of this on to spruce up an otherwise bare or day-to-day look. This is by far one of the best vegan lip products I've ever tried and it's extremely affordable!
Sleek Contour and Highlight Kit
This has been raved about on many a blog, so I don't feel the need to write too much, though it certainly is a quality product. Whilst I would say that for me, the bronzer doesn't quite hit the mark, as I'm someone who likes a bolder contour, the highlight is absolutely stunning. I have searched for a good highlight for a long time, often finding ones that were too glittery, to greasy or simply too invisible. This one, however, gives the perfect glow. I never go on a night out without it!

So there are my favourites, we're there any that you particularly love? Or even loathe? let me know in the comments below.

And of course, my little shout out! Just after arriving back from Grenada I treated myself to a little online haul, which was for the most part, from Kiko cosmetics. There didn't appear to be much about the brand in the ways of blogs, so I simply bought a few things which I was in need of. No doubt I will be writing a post soon, exclusively about the brand as I have fallen head over heels with some of their products. They are a real quality brand with reasonble price tags, so I would really recommend checking them out. They're available to order online at

Thanks for reading! X

Monday, 26 August 2013

Review | Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

I will admit, I did not need a concealer when I bought this, but who can resist a '2-for-£15' offer on Soap and Glory makeup? Well not me, and the one thing that intrigued my from the range was this.
As always S&G have really perfected the aesthetics of this product and I adore the packaging, from the sleek round shape to the retro-esque labelling.. When you first open the little pot you find the translucent setting powder with an adorable little powder puff. Then, look a little further and the pot opens up to reveal two different toned concealers; one for the face and the other for under eye concealing.
I think it's really good that you're given the two concealers tones for specific areas, especially if you're new to makeup and are unsure about shades and the correct base tones to use.
As it happens both of these suit my skin colour perfectly and they are the ultimate pick me up for the morning after a late night. I picked up the 'light' concealer.
The formula is very creamy and I actually prefer to apply it with my fingers as the warmth of them blends this beautifully. Though I do occasionally find it quicker to just go over it with my ecotools foundation brush, as its dense bristles buff it in for a seamless finish.
Whilst creamy, it is also not overly greasy looking, in comparison to other concealers I have tried. Having said that the setting powder is perfect to take that slight sheen off the product and leave you with an invisible matte finish, which is essentially what you want from a concealer. 
Until using this product I had never really bothered trying to conceal blemishes and red spots etc, but the step 2 of this little compact is designed for exactly that and it works amazingly.
I have really enjoyed this product so far, and it has definitely taken the top spot in terms of my favourite concealer. I would recommend this if you struggle with pesky breakouts, dark under eyes or you just generally need a skin 'perk-me-up'.


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hair Care Brands @ Superdrug - This One

Vegan hair care is often something which leaves me puzzled, disappointed and frustrated. However, after having fallen in love with my now 'go-to' shampoo and conditioner from Australian Organics (Review Here), I have also gradually come to find a few other little gems for hair care and styling so I thought I would share.
Superdrug, for me, is like a little happy place and more recently I have been trying quite a few of the hair care brands they have to offer. So here the best (and some others) of them. 
This One
This fairly new range was brought out by Superdrug a few months ago and ever since I have been resisting the urge to try some of the products due to already having a more than healthy stash of hair care products.
That said, recently I caved, in serious need of some hair protection and restoration I picked up a few pieces.
This One Rescues Roots & Revamps
The first thing I opted for was the dry shampoo. In the past, used Batiste and in my more recent cruelty free days, relied on Superdrug's own brand. I had not been blown away by either but found this brand to be fantastic! I usually spray a decent amount of this at the roots and wait for a good few minutes before the massaging/ finger combing it through my hair. Firstly, it does the job really well, and really gets me through that third/ fourth hair day. Secondly; if you ever need intense volume and texture - give this a go! After using this out a desperation on an impromptu night out, I ended up being able to create the most impressive beehive. It gives one heck of a texturizing punch, so it's perfect for any intense styling. Just to prove it; here's a little selfie I took on the night; 
This One Is For When The Heat is On
For a long time I had really given up on all things 'heat protecting'. Largely because I found they made no difference. However, after started to reach for my straighteners more often over recent weeks I felt it was time to get something that would (hopefully) protect my hair.
I don't use heat on my hair everyday, so I can't completely comment on the protecting aspect of this product as I think that would require long term usage, however I can say that it does appear to help tame my sometimes frazzled looking locks. The other thing I like about this heat protectant is that it doesn't have much of a smell; which means you don't end up piling on scents during styling.
This One Gives You Showbiz Shine
I wish it was all glowing reviews, but I'm being honest and This One... stinks. Literally, smells horrid. When I first sprayed it I was a bit horrified to think that I had just contaminated my freshly washed hair with something which smelt so foul. Not only that, but it made no difference to the shine of my hair. Whatsoever. By far the most disappointing product of the bunch.
This One Tames Your Tousles
Fortunately, the bad reviews end there, because this one is probably one of my favourites of the bunch. It's a lovely silky crème which smells pleasant, and yes it does a very good job of 'taming my tousles'. It definitely reduced frizz when I use this and I also think it makes a difference to how long my curls stay in my hair.
Overall, I can honestly say I'm enjoying the brand. Using these has helped me create some really nice hair styles and finishes. Drop a comment down below if you have tried any of these and let me know what you thought !

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Grenada Update & A Cheeky Review!

Hello again from Grenada!
So I had a day off and I have been working away on my university assignment like the good girl that I am, but I felt I needed a break from that, and what better way than to nip over to my blog and give everyone a quick update!
I am now just over half way through my placement here and whilst for the most part it's been tough, the days are slipping by pretty quickly. Yesterday we had a group trip to a nearby island; Sandy Island. It was absolutely amazing, I felt like a castaway in a secret little corner of the Caribbean. The sun shone, we bathed in the sea, roasted cashew nuts straight from the tree, sipped coconut water from fresh coconuts... it was glorious!
Just to make those of you back in England 'well jel', here's some snaps:
Anyway, after all that lounging about and relaxation, tonight I am back on night surveying and as I am fully rested and topped up with vitamin D, I am rearing to go. However, I wanted to share a quick something with you before I end this post. I didn't plan this whatsoever but I am so excited about this product that I had to share!
Just before I flew out here I realised I hadn't remembered to transfer any body moisturiser into a travel tub to bring with me, oops! So last minute I grabbed a travel sized Superdrug Coconut and Shea Butter Body Butter from a stand near the till. It was a quick fix sort of thing and I already own the lotion at home so I thought it would pretty much do the same thing...
As soon I started using it and fell head over heels in love! This stuff is seriously amazing. It smells like pure, creamy, delicious coconut (I wanna eat it, seriously!) and it is so luxuriously smooth on the skin. Before using this I hadn't yet experienced a body butter that was silky and absorbed straight into the skin, whilst still having that really thick nourishing consistency. This one not only does that, but the smell also absorbs into the skin so for at least a couple hours afterward you're skin is left feeling soft and smelling divine. I love, love, love this, and I cannot wait to pick up a full sized tub when I am back home. It's usually £3.69 for 200ml, which is a steal anyway, but at the moment you can get it online for £1.83 !!! Grab one HERE.
Anyway, I will leave it at that for now but I will try my best to pop back and throw another post (of sorts) together before I leave this amazing country!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Arrival in Grenada!

So I finally arrived, after much preparation and anticipation I landed on the Island of Grenada on Sunday afternoon.
My journey was fairly horrendous; including a 6am rise, 10 hour flight, 4.5 hour wait at the airport upon arrival and another 1.5 hour drive to my final destination Ocean Spirits. As you can probably gather, I was more than tired at this point and arriving at 11pm local time was rather disorientating, however I can now safely say I have began to settle in nicely.
I may not be doing many beauty based posts whilst I am here, because honestly the next three weeks will be all about the turtles which I have come to help monitor and protect, and that doesn't really involve nail polish and blusher. However I do want to pop up a couple of posts here and there to keep my blog up to date on what I'm getting up to.
It is absolutely beautiful here, despite being the wet season, it is still very warm here and a lot of the trees and shrubs are coming into full fruit now, I'm keeping my eyes on the mangos!
So far I have spent one night carrying out night patrols, which involved looking for turtles and then taking data from each nesting female which comes ashore. This involves getting really up close and personal with her, to count her eggs.
We have also been into the local school as part of the educational outreach component of the organisation, where I met some really fantastic kids, who were extremely energetic!
 I am still getting used to things here, and there is so much more to see and do. Hopefully I will start seeing some hatchlings, which will be amazing.
At the minute its impractical to try and get photos of the turtles during the night, as it can be stormy and the white flash would disturb the female, but I will try my best to get an opportunity to photograph some of the amazing turtle sightings, and pop them up on here.