Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Arrival in Grenada!

So I finally arrived, after much preparation and anticipation I landed on the Island of Grenada on Sunday afternoon.
My journey was fairly horrendous; including a 6am rise, 10 hour flight, 4.5 hour wait at the airport upon arrival and another 1.5 hour drive to my final destination Ocean Spirits. As you can probably gather, I was more than tired at this point and arriving at 11pm local time was rather disorientating, however I can now safely say I have began to settle in nicely.
I may not be doing many beauty based posts whilst I am here, because honestly the next three weeks will be all about the turtles which I have come to help monitor and protect, and that doesn't really involve nail polish and blusher. However I do want to pop up a couple of posts here and there to keep my blog up to date on what I'm getting up to.
It is absolutely beautiful here, despite being the wet season, it is still very warm here and a lot of the trees and shrubs are coming into full fruit now, I'm keeping my eyes on the mangos!
So far I have spent one night carrying out night patrols, which involved looking for turtles and then taking data from each nesting female which comes ashore. This involves getting really up close and personal with her, to count her eggs.
We have also been into the local school as part of the educational outreach component of the organisation, where I met some really fantastic kids, who were extremely energetic!
 I am still getting used to things here, and there is so much more to see and do. Hopefully I will start seeing some hatchlings, which will be amazing.
At the minute its impractical to try and get photos of the turtles during the night, as it can be stormy and the white flash would disturb the female, but I will try my best to get an opportunity to photograph some of the amazing turtle sightings, and pop them up on here.


  1. That must be an amazing trip :)!

  2. That looks amazing Sophie. What an amazing experience!

  3. It looks so beautiful! And sounds like an amazing opportunity! Enjoy the trip!!! :)

  4. Sounds like a great opportunity! Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Sita xx