Thursday, 6 June 2013

Grenada Update & A Cheeky Review!

Hello again from Grenada!
So I had a day off and I have been working away on my university assignment like the good girl that I am, but I felt I needed a break from that, and what better way than to nip over to my blog and give everyone a quick update!
I am now just over half way through my placement here and whilst for the most part it's been tough, the days are slipping by pretty quickly. Yesterday we had a group trip to a nearby island; Sandy Island. It was absolutely amazing, I felt like a castaway in a secret little corner of the Caribbean. The sun shone, we bathed in the sea, roasted cashew nuts straight from the tree, sipped coconut water from fresh coconuts... it was glorious!
Just to make those of you back in England 'well jel', here's some snaps:
Anyway, after all that lounging about and relaxation, tonight I am back on night surveying and as I am fully rested and topped up with vitamin D, I am rearing to go. However, I wanted to share a quick something with you before I end this post. I didn't plan this whatsoever but I am so excited about this product that I had to share!
Just before I flew out here I realised I hadn't remembered to transfer any body moisturiser into a travel tub to bring with me, oops! So last minute I grabbed a travel sized Superdrug Coconut and Shea Butter Body Butter from a stand near the till. It was a quick fix sort of thing and I already own the lotion at home so I thought it would pretty much do the same thing...
As soon I started using it and fell head over heels in love! This stuff is seriously amazing. It smells like pure, creamy, delicious coconut (I wanna eat it, seriously!) and it is so luxuriously smooth on the skin. Before using this I hadn't yet experienced a body butter that was silky and absorbed straight into the skin, whilst still having that really thick nourishing consistency. This one not only does that, but the smell also absorbs into the skin so for at least a couple hours afterward you're skin is left feeling soft and smelling divine. I love, love, love this, and I cannot wait to pick up a full sized tub when I am back home. It's usually £3.69 for 200ml, which is a steal anyway, but at the moment you can get it online for £1.83 !!! Grab one HERE.
Anyway, I will leave it at that for now but I will try my best to pop back and throw another post (of sorts) together before I leave this amazing country!

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