Friday, 30 August 2013

August Favourites

I've named this August favourites, although really these are some of the makeup items that I've been reaching for throughout the summer months. There's also only a small selection as I'm blogging on the go at the minute, so there's a little shout out at the end for those that I've missed out.
Ecotools Face Brush
I'll start with my Ecotools face brush. This is one that I've actually owned for quite a while now, but just come back to. It's super soft and bouncy bristles are perfect for pretty much everything which involves large areas of the face. Ive currently been using this to powder, set and bronze my face. It feels lovely to use, like a real quality face brush.
Bdellium Tools Eye Brushes 
The other two brushes pictured are actually fairly new to my collection. I puchased them online at, one of my favourite sites for vegan beauty bits. I loved the look of these and so decided to go with the tapered crease brush and fluffy blending brush from the pink range. These are also amazing brushes. I've been able to create a huge range of looks using both of these. The crease brush is the perfect size to apply shadow exactly where you want it, meaning you can create really neatly graduated smokey eyes and achieve the depth needed for a really dramatic eye. Then over the top of that, the blending brush is perfect for going over all that work, to soften things out and make it all blend beautifully. Both brushes are soft and haven't shed whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned these were a quality buy.
B. Groomed Eyebrow Pencil
Also pictured is yet another product from a brand I have been regularly raving abut, B. Cosmetics. After having been using powder to define my brows I wanted to give a pencil a try to see how that made a difference to the look I wanted to achieve. B. has once again provided the perfect tool. This pencil is double ended, one of which is a setting wax. It also includes a small brow brush, which I never bother using as it seems a little spindly if I'm honest. The product itself however is fantastic. Its a perfect colour match, is soft enough to blend out into a smooth shape and also stays put until the time comes to wash it off. This pencil has really helped my perfect my brow routine.
B. Long Lasting Nail Polish
Staying true to my word and singing the praises of B. Cosmetics a little more, I have also been enjoying their polishes. I've already briefly mentioned these in a previous post but I have been meaning to give them and entire post of their own because they're just that good! If I have been wearing nail polish at all this summer, it was no doubt one of the two above. Both gorgeous summery colours which add a lively pop of colour to any outfit.
Concrete Minerals Sexy Lips Lip Tint
Whilst road testing a number of vegan products, I bought a few bits from concrete minerals, including this lip tint. If I'm honest I wasn't expecting much but this has become a permanent resident in my handbag this summer. It smells like peppermint and leaves the lips feeling lovely and tingly whilst also brighting the lips with a pretty pink colour. The pink itself is slightly to dark to come off natural, but I like that as a 'wash' of colour is usually never noticeable or dissapears within minutes. It is also extremely wearable and compliments a subtle pink blush perfectly, I will after pop a bit of this on to spruce up an otherwise bare or day-to-day look. This is by far one of the best vegan lip products I've ever tried and it's extremely affordable!
Sleek Contour and Highlight Kit
This has been raved about on many a blog, so I don't feel the need to write too much, though it certainly is a quality product. Whilst I would say that for me, the bronzer doesn't quite hit the mark, as I'm someone who likes a bolder contour, the highlight is absolutely stunning. I have searched for a good highlight for a long time, often finding ones that were too glittery, to greasy or simply too invisible. This one, however, gives the perfect glow. I never go on a night out without it!

So there are my favourites, we're there any that you particularly love? Or even loathe? let me know in the comments below.

And of course, my little shout out! Just after arriving back from Grenada I treated myself to a little online haul, which was for the most part, from Kiko cosmetics. There didn't appear to be much about the brand in the ways of blogs, so I simply bought a few things which I was in need of. No doubt I will be writing a post soon, exclusively about the brand as I have fallen head over heels with some of their products. They are a real quality brand with reasonble price tags, so I would really recommend checking them out. They're available to order online at

Thanks for reading! X


  1. I love the B. range! Need to order some more of their mascara soon so I think I will get the eyebrow pencil and some nail polish too :)

    1. I love their mascara! And yes, both other good choices! :)

  2. Yay, it's great to see the B. range getting some love. I love and blog about it all the time but I hardly ever see it mentioned in blogs or Youtube. Ppl don't know what their missing out!

    1. I agree, the range definitely deserves more attention, such good products!

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