Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hair Care Brands @ Superdrug - This One

Vegan hair care is often something which leaves me puzzled, disappointed and frustrated. However, after having fallen in love with my now 'go-to' shampoo and conditioner from Australian Organics (Review Here), I have also gradually come to find a few other little gems for hair care and styling so I thought I would share.
Superdrug, for me, is like a little happy place and more recently I have been trying quite a few of the hair care brands they have to offer. So here the best (and some others) of them. 
This One
This fairly new range was brought out by Superdrug a few months ago and ever since I have been resisting the urge to try some of the products due to already having a more than healthy stash of hair care products.
That said, recently I caved, in serious need of some hair protection and restoration I picked up a few pieces.
This One Rescues Roots & Revamps
The first thing I opted for was the dry shampoo. In the past, used Batiste and in my more recent cruelty free days, relied on Superdrug's own brand. I had not been blown away by either but found this brand to be fantastic! I usually spray a decent amount of this at the roots and wait for a good few minutes before the massaging/ finger combing it through my hair. Firstly, it does the job really well, and really gets me through that third/ fourth hair day. Secondly; if you ever need intense volume and texture - give this a go! After using this out a desperation on an impromptu night out, I ended up being able to create the most impressive beehive. It gives one heck of a texturizing punch, so it's perfect for any intense styling. Just to prove it; here's a little selfie I took on the night; 
This One Is For When The Heat is On
For a long time I had really given up on all things 'heat protecting'. Largely because I found they made no difference. However, after started to reach for my straighteners more often over recent weeks I felt it was time to get something that would (hopefully) protect my hair.
I don't use heat on my hair everyday, so I can't completely comment on the protecting aspect of this product as I think that would require long term usage, however I can say that it does appear to help tame my sometimes frazzled looking locks. The other thing I like about this heat protectant is that it doesn't have much of a smell; which means you don't end up piling on scents during styling.
This One Gives You Showbiz Shine
I wish it was all glowing reviews, but I'm being honest and This One... stinks. Literally, smells horrid. When I first sprayed it I was a bit horrified to think that I had just contaminated my freshly washed hair with something which smelt so foul. Not only that, but it made no difference to the shine of my hair. Whatsoever. By far the most disappointing product of the bunch.
This One Tames Your Tousles
Fortunately, the bad reviews end there, because this one is probably one of my favourites of the bunch. It's a lovely silky crème which smells pleasant, and yes it does a very good job of 'taming my tousles'. It definitely reduced frizz when I use this and I also think it makes a difference to how long my curls stay in my hair.
Overall, I can honestly say I'm enjoying the brand. Using these has helped me create some really nice hair styles and finishes. Drop a comment down below if you have tried any of these and let me know what you thought !

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  1. Haven't tried any of the range yet but they do look good! x