Monday, 26 August 2013

Review | Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

I will admit, I did not need a concealer when I bought this, but who can resist a '2-for-£15' offer on Soap and Glory makeup? Well not me, and the one thing that intrigued my from the range was this.
As always S&G have really perfected the aesthetics of this product and I adore the packaging, from the sleek round shape to the retro-esque labelling.. When you first open the little pot you find the translucent setting powder with an adorable little powder puff. Then, look a little further and the pot opens up to reveal two different toned concealers; one for the face and the other for under eye concealing.
I think it's really good that you're given the two concealers tones for specific areas, especially if you're new to makeup and are unsure about shades and the correct base tones to use.
As it happens both of these suit my skin colour perfectly and they are the ultimate pick me up for the morning after a late night. I picked up the 'light' concealer.
The formula is very creamy and I actually prefer to apply it with my fingers as the warmth of them blends this beautifully. Though I do occasionally find it quicker to just go over it with my ecotools foundation brush, as its dense bristles buff it in for a seamless finish.
Whilst creamy, it is also not overly greasy looking, in comparison to other concealers I have tried. Having said that the setting powder is perfect to take that slight sheen off the product and leave you with an invisible matte finish, which is essentially what you want from a concealer. 
Until using this product I had never really bothered trying to conceal blemishes and red spots etc, but the step 2 of this little compact is designed for exactly that and it works amazingly.
I have really enjoyed this product so far, and it has definitely taken the top spot in terms of my favourite concealer. I would recommend this if you struggle with pesky breakouts, dark under eyes or you just generally need a skin 'perk-me-up'.



  1. I've always wanted to try stuff from Soap & Glory! They aren't available here, where I am though. P.S. I am enjoying your blog, just turned 'cruelty-free' early this year! :)

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